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Enterprise 2.0 Adoption by Investment Banks 2007

Welcome to the "Enterprise 2.0 Adoption by Investment Banks" microsite. You have been invited here to explore a groundbreaking new project that will give banks new insights into how their peers are using wikis, blogs, tagging, mashups, chat, podcasts, videocasts and RSS to increase collaboration and competitiveness.

In 2007, enterprise 2.0 is gaining acceptance in most banks as a promising new approach to increase collaboration, and most banks have ad-hoc projects underway in several areas. However, the visionaries leading these projects struggle with convincing stakeholders to adopt enterprise 2.0 more quickly. Since very little work is public, stakeholders hold back, not wanting to be early adopters of emerging technologies like wikis, blogs and mashups and their new work processes.

By surveying a select group of investment banks and reporting their current and planned enterprise 2.0 projects in this blind study, CSRA will enable leaders to communicate the sense of urgency they feel based on competitor activity. No firm's individual activity will be disclosed, assuring confidentiality, and the study's reports will only be shared with participants.

To learn more about the study or to inquire about participating, you must request a username and password and enter here.

Thank you for your interest in Enterprise 2.0 Adoption by Investment Banks 2007.

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